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6 types of male personality that attract women

It would be wrong to claim that women have a specific preference regarding the male sex. Tastes and choices differ from one woman to another. Some like them blond and strong, others brown and short. On the other hand, a woman can be attracted to the only personality of the man, notwithstanding his physique whether he is attractive or not.
Attraction and love work enigmatically. We are unable to identify the exact reason for our attraction to a person; there are undoubtedly invisible forces which determine the criteria of our choices. The physical appearance, the values, the interests or even the personality undoubtedly influence our attraction for the opposite sex.

But for some women, personality is the most important. According to a study by Huazhong University in China, personality traits have been shown to help judge facial attractiveness. This is the "halo effect", the principle of which is that a person's personality traits are reflected on the face. Thus, all that is "good is beautiful".

However, attraction remains a personal and individual affair. Indeed, although some men are not Apollons, they still have the ability to please women. And for good reason, their intrinsic personality which differentiates and distinguishes them, and therefore makes them more attractive.

We can list a few types of male figures who are likely to attract women.

 A man who has a sense of humor
Humor could be a seductive power, for those who know how to use it in a subtle way. He is a facilitator of social relations, and he is an art and an asset of seduction which is not given to everyone. It’s no wonder that most famous comedians are accompanied by the most beautiful women. The man by his sense of humor thus becomes the center of interest and therefore exercises a symbolic dominance, which some women might seek.

A man who has tact
By tact we mean prudence and subtlety in the verbalization of words and in actions. Touch, considered as physical contact, can establish a strong bond between two individuals. Most women have more respect for men who apologize when they feel wrong, than for those who are indifferent to the sensitivity of the woman facing them.

A romantic man
Send a pretty bouquet of flowers, a sweet little word, as long as it is romantic, is the wish of women. They appreciate being in the presence of a kind, non-aggressive and respectful man. Tenderness and attention are the first signs of thoughtfulness, and precursors of a feeling of security felt by women.

A faithful man
Many women fear the infidelity of their man. But a faithful man has no secrets for his wife and always finds time to spend with his beloved. Ultimately, he is trustworthy.

A gallant man
The brands of gallantry attract women because it indicates a certain level of education. Provided that this quality is spontaneous and not used as an ephemeral and theatrical seduction technique.

A generous man
Generosity is vast and also includes that of the heart. Empathy and compassion are rare virtues these days. A man stingy with generous feelings and deeds would not attract any noticeable interest from a woman. Isn't it said that "Greed is the mother of all evils".

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