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TOGG: the first Turkish electric car is revealed

Unveiled by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself, this 100% electric SUV will offer up to 500 km of range and mark the debut of a new automaker. Four more models expected by 2030

The dream becomes reality ... announced for several months, the first car "made in Turkey" was officially revealed this Friday, December 27.

"Today is a historic day for our country, we are witnessing the realization of a sixty year old dream," said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during the presentation of the vehicle.

Presented under the TOGG (Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group) brand, this first model takes on a compact SUV look. Two versions will be offered: in two-wheel drive, the first will be powered by a 200-horsepower engine placed on the rear axle while the second, in four-wheel drive, will add a second 200-horsepower engine at the front. In acceleration, the 0 to 100 is respectively achieved in 7.6 and 4.8 seconds.

In terms of autonomy, the manufacturer promises 300 to 500 km in a single charge. At this stage, no indication of the capacity of the battery pack. However, we know that the vehicle will be able to tolerate up to 150 kW of power under rapid charge.

In terms of design, TOGG called on the Pininfarina teams who did not hesitate to probe Turkish consumers to build a vehicle characterized by its full grille and its long light line at the rear. Inside, the atmosphere is very digital with no less than four screens on the visuals broadcast by the manufacturer.

Also a sedan

Ambitious to launch a full range of vehicles, the automaker plans no fewer than five models by 2030. Beyond the SUV, a sedan has also been revealed by the manufacturer. At this stage, its features have not been revealed.

Subsequently, a minivan, a small SUV of the B segment and another small sedan are planned.

175,000 copies per year

Expected in 2022, the electric SUV will be assembled in a factory located in Bursa, south of Istanbul. A total of 3.3 billion euros will be invested in the site, which will eventually employ 4,000 people and create more than 20,000 jobs overall. A nationwide project supported by the state. It has committed to acquire 35,000 vehicles by 2035 and to accelerate the deployment of charging infrastructure.

At full capacity, the site will be able to produce up to 175,000 vehicles per year. A volume that should allow the young consortium to go beyond its borders. During the presentation, President Erdogan said he wanted to make TOGG a global brand whose international expansion will begin with the European market.

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