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The largest swimming pool in the world overflown by drone in Chile

In Chile, the Algarrobo swimming pool is one kilometer long and contains the equivalent of 80 Olympic swimming pools. Flyed over by drone, its dimensions are even more impressive.

You almost feel like you're in the sea. But the Algarrobo swimming pool in Chile is separated from the ocean by a strip of land 100 meters wide. With its eight hectares, its one kilometer long beach and its 250 million liters of water (the equivalent of 80 Olympic swimming pools), it is the largest swimming pool in the world. Built in 2007 in San Alfonso del Mar, 130 kilometers from the capital Santiago de Chile, it is part of a huge tourist complex with apartments, hotels, restaurants, cinema, nightclubs, spa and aquarium.

More welcoming than the Pacific Ocean
But why did you build such a large swimming pool right by the sea? Because the Pacific Ocean, in which the pool water is pumped, is not frankly welcoming on this coast: it is covered with rocks, the waves are incessant and the water temperature does not exceed 10 ° C in summer. With the swimming pool, whose calm and crystal clear water is heated to 26 ° C all year round, tourists who adore nautical sports flock. You can practice swimming, kayaking, windsurfing and even diving (the depth of up to 35 meters). The beach is shaded by real palm trees and the white sand does not stick to the skin.

An ecological filtration system
The complex, developed by the company Crystal Lagoon, is perfectly ecological ensures it. The water is renewed and filtered at the rate of 800,000 liters per day and uses an ecological purification technology requiring much less chemicals than standard pools.

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