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The English cocker spaniel is a family dog

With its long, silky fur and long hanging ears, the cocker spaniel, of English origin, is a very beautiful ornamental dog. Its name comes from the fact that in Scotland and Wales it was mainly used for woodcock hunting.

The English cocker spaniel is a tireless and passionate hunter. When he starts browsing, nothing escapes him. Its small size allows it to slip everywhere, so that it can discover game where another dog would pass straight. Unrivaled for pheasant and woodcock hunting, it can also raise the grouse and go without fear into a swamp to bring back a duck or a goose.

The cocker spaniel has become a much sought after companion dog. Joyful, playful and even mischievous at times, it is naturally clean and spends long moments cleaning and polishing its hair, much like a cat.

The English cocker spaniel is independent, intelligent and endowed with a strong personality. So it must be trained with a certain firmness. He actively participates in the life of his master and is very devoted to him. But before welcoming him into your family, know that this dog is unable to tolerate teasing from young children.

Regularly remove the wax that can accumulate in his ears, because the English cocker spaniel is prone to suffer from ear infections. If he's sick, if there's blood in his ears, you have to take him to the vet. The cocker spaniel gains weight easily; so you have to feed him moderately and get him to exercise. If he is too sedentary, he can become nervous and even aggressive. Take him for a long walk each day and set him up for a weekly run in the countryside.

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