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The Beagle is the ideal dog for the family

The lovable beagle is an excellent family dog. Similar to a small fox, the beagle is a tireless hunter, particularly gifted for flushing out big and small game.

It is believed that its name comes from the Celtic word beag which means small. There was a time when he could nestle in the pocket of a hunting coat. Its size has grown, however, and some very large specimens appear to be of a completely different breed. Rather than flushing out the hare or the cottontail rabbit, these huge Beagles hunt leopards and jaguars.
If you get a trained beagle to live in a pack, it will need canine companions and lots of exercise. He is a sturdy dog; you will have to worry only about her long ears which need to be cleaned regularly. Brush your fur thoroughly at least once a week to get rid of dust and dead hair.

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