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French Bulldog : one of the best dogs for your family !

If you've ever seen a bulldog happily frolicking with children or snuggling close to his old master, you'd be hard pressed to believe that only 150 years ago his ancestors specialized in bullfighting in England, hence its English name of Bulldog or bull dog.

The British Bulldog, more robust than this one, was bred for his fighting spirit and his courage. His bloody prowess against the bulls delighted the spectators. When the British trimmers moved to France around 1850, they brought their bulldogs. Mixed with other breeds of dogs, they became smaller and gave the French bulldog, more docile.

This muscular beast turns out to be an ideal pleasure dog for the whole family. He needs to be loved and adapts perfectly to the people he lives with. Children love his energy at play, while the elderly are comforted by his dedication.

This bulldog hates heat and is vulnerable to sunburn. He needs to go out at least three times a day and requires a long walk a week. It should be brushed daily at the time of moulting and given a bath once every two months. Check his eyes regularly, as the bulldog is predisposed to glaucoma. Farrowing in this animal is sometimes difficult because of the puppy's large head. It is then necessary to resort to a cesarean delivery, but in this case, the puppies must be fed with a bottle.

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