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Australian carriage driver repeatedly kicks downed horse

A chariot driver was caught on videotape riding a horse in his head after he collapsed
On the street in Melbourne, Australia. Warning: these details and images may be sad.

Christa Knight, a veterinary nurse, was walking and recording the accident on December 15. The driver can be heard screaming as he kicks the horse in his head, "Come on, wake up! Wake up!"

"Please stop kicking her, please," Knight said.

Knight called the driver, begged them not to kick the horse called "Tuesday", but the driver told her to go away.

“Do I have a favor, do I have a favor: get angry,” the driver said to Faris.

In response, Knight said, "It is not lazy and cannot get up."

The angry audience later moved to social media to condemn the driver's behavior. In response to public protests, transport company owner Dean Crichton jumped to defend his driver. Dean claims that he has been training his driver for 30 years and that there has been no "malice" in his kicks.

Dean condemned his driver's "language", but proudly stated that the driver loves "horses and will never harm them." He was further informed that on Tuesday he was unharmed and returned to work soon. Let's raise our voices against such cruelty to annoying animals!

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