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3 times in life we fall in love : each love for a specific reason !

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Each of us can fall in love with the person we think is made especially for us. Thus, in life, successive encounters and breakups occur before finding your half that you have been waiting for. However, fate often puts love in our path for a specific reason and when we least expect it. So what is this mysterious reason and what love is it?
We fall in love with the people who mark us, who are on the same wavelength, who capsize our heart and make us feel like we have butterflies in our stomachs. But, we can also fall in love for reasons that completely escape us.

So, in principle, there are three types of love that make our hearts beat and give us wings.

A first idealist love
This pure and candid love generally occurs during adolescence, considered as a love of youth where lovers dream of a union forever and swear by eternal love and fidelity until the end of their days.

This first love experience dissolves over time in the face of the reality of life, the obstacles of everyday life and the expectations of young people who are growing up.

A restorative love
Following a heartache, a difficult break or disappointment on the part of a (a) partner, this restorative love comes as a necessity to compensate for the lack, dry the tears and heal the wound caused by the suffering of a break.

So, like a comforting balm, this restorative love can bring a source of well-being, pleasure and positivity to both partners, but it can also turn into a mistake because it is just a short-term transition to a relationship future, during which we learn things about people, we discover what we really need and we understand what are the expectations that we would like to achieve in another union so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

A deep unexpected love
Finally, after a few romantic experiences that have opened our eyes to deeper and more real facets of love, comes true love, passionate love, the unexpected love that our soul yearns for so much throughout life. This sincere love where hearts beat in unison and where partners unite their feelings, their emotions and their aspirations to make this agreement, this complicity and this fusion last for the long term.

Tips to Preserve the Spark of Love
Finally, in a couple living in the spiral of love and passion, it is important to preserve the spark and maintain a beautiful harmony in everyday life while spicing up their routine.

Here are some tips that will warm your heart and create a sweet smile on your partner's face :

  - Offer daily attentions without waiting mainly for a special occasion
 - Allow yourself time to get together for two (a dinner, a movie outing, a trip)
 - Focus on communication, dialogue transparently and trust each other
 - Say "I love you" for no particular reason, such as sweet words, gestures, smiles, tender kisses, hugs or holding hands
 - Try new experiences and naughty games in bed and spice up your sex life
 - Do fun activities to break the routine and spend time together

Finally, put your heart into it, love a little, a lot, passionately, madly. As the famous philosopher Blaise Pascal said: "The heart has its reasons that reason does not know. "

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