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15 ways to make your house brighter in winter

Winter brings its share of dim light, dullness and boredom: make your home brighter with these inexpensive tips that will make you feel like spring is already here!

1 - Change the bulbs
Check the type of light bulb you use in the house. There is an important difference between warm white and cool white. A simple replacement could add a lot of light to a room.
The best way to maximize the effect is to test each bulb in a room at different times of the day.

2 - Be reckless in decoration
When it comes to art, think of colors! Hanging a few colorful works in a room will bring it to life all winter long - and year round!

3 - Remove the mosquito nets
Unless you are fortunate enough to live in a warm winter, you should not leave your mosquito nets on windows year round. You will be surprised how much they can prevent light from entering a room. So hop, we release the rare rays of the sun during the cold season!

4 - Use the right color
Painting a room in a light color will make it appear larger than it actually is, but using a saturated color will brighten it even more.
Be bold and add a striking color to accentuate a wall for example. You could also paint the ceiling in bright white to maximize the effect.

5 - Use protective covers in light colors
Dark furniture can darken a room considerably. Instead of replacing furniture, invest in lightly colored covers for the sofa or loveseat. This will put a little light in the living room!

6 - Show your flowers
A bouquet of fresh flowers will bring a touch of color and life to any dark, boring room. Light up your kitchen this winter with a vase containing a colorful flower arrangement.
Do the same in the living room and office space.

7 - Add accessories
Be strategic with your accessories. Cushions with vibrant patterns and colors, jetties in bright or white colors and multicolored lights will light up the dullest rooms.

8 - Interesting rugs
Does your decorative carpet light up the room? If your carpet is dark in color, chances are it will darken the room in winter. Replace it with a lighter carpet for the season, or remove it altogether for a few months to let your wood floors breathe.

9 - Declutter
A good mess can turn a room into a mess. On the light side, we will go back. This winter, take 10 minutes each day to declutter the house and be organized!

10 - Bring the outside inside
Plants bring any indoor space back to life, so be sure to bring them in in the fall to brighten up the house. You don't have a green thumb? Several plants require very little maintenance.

11 - Look towards the window
Are your curtains too dark for the long winter months? Throw in a few light colors, and don't hesitate to open them up to let the sun enter the house on short winter days.
Pull the curtains in the evening to keep the cold air outside.

12 - Light candles
Candles are not just for romantic dinners or to add comfort to a room. Light up a room on a long winter evening.
Candles powered by batteries can do the job while eliminating the risk of fire.

13 - Choose the golden option
The color gold adds sparkle to any room. Get your hands on gold frames, books or even coffee tables to add warmth to the living room or dining room.

14 - Clean up
Don't skimp on the household once winter comes. Dirt-free windows, a crumb-free kitchen, a recently cleaned carpet, or a freshly washed floor will work wonders to make a room as clean as it is shiny.

15 - Use mirrors
Hanging a mirror on the wall is like filling a room with natural light that will brighten it up nicely. It is enough to install said mirror in front of a window or a sliding door so that daylight is reflected there.

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