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14 easy ways to walk more than 10,000 steps a day

With these 14 tips, you will reach your goal of 10,000 steps measured by your physical activity bracelet every day.

1 - The walk "we meet there"
Instead of driving your wife to the market or to any other nearby destination, leave a little earlier on foot to reach her there, then drive home. If you usually walk a three-kilometer loop in the neighborhood, draw a circle on a map extending in all directions from your home. This is your sphere of possibilities (and it will get bigger as you get fitter).

2 - The "shopping" walk
Instead of walking to get in shape once or twice a week, walk to get things done. Bank, supermarket, post office, beauty salon, etc. It's healthy, stress-free multitasking at its best. You'll need something to carry your stuff, so find a backpack or buy a chic, eco-friendly market basket.

3 - Walking "in reverse"
We are habitual beings. Break your own by occasionally taking your usual route in the other direction. It’s not only to counter boredom, but it will wake you up to the world around you by helping you see things from new angles. Go left instead of right when you take your first steps. Make it a point to notice three things you have never seen in the opposite direction.

4 - Walking "with your boss"
When it is time for your next meeting with your boss, suggest something that will get his attention. Instead of sitting in his office where you might feel intimidated and where your supervisor might be distracted by incoming emails, suggest a walk instead.

5 - The walk on rainy days
At the first sign of rain, many people go into hibernation mode. But walking in the rain has something that is both soothing and exciting. Leave the umbrella in the closet. Instead, put on rain boots or waterproof shoes and a large coat with a hood. From time to time, turn to the sky to catch a few drops of rain on your tongue.

6 - The walk "I'm so angry"
When something makes you angry, hammer the floor instead of the wall. Not only will you get a great workout - because adrenaline will make you walk faster - but you will also burn some of the stress hormones that pass through your body.

7 - The march "for a better marriage"
Worried that you and your partner weren't really talking to each other? Walking together can help. Exercise makes us more open, emotional and honest, and it also guarantees our full attention (no TV or computers). Start with a moderate approach. Talk about things you notice along the way, interesting articles in the news, etc. Then, once it’s warmed up, get down to the more serious things.

8 - Virtual walking
Studies show that you can actually activate muscle fibers by imagining yourself performing an activity. It’s the same technique that basketball players use to mentally try dead ends. On days when you are too busy to go out for a walk, spend at least a few minutes in silence, eyes closed, imagining yourself walking with strength and determination. This will help you build muscle memory which will make you more efficient when you really go out for walking.

9 - Express walking
If your day is too busy for your usual 45-minute walk, take three separate 15-minute walks. You will get as many health benefits and in addition you will keep your metabolism running throughout the day, so that you burn more calories.

10 - The “good ideas” walk
There is something about putting one foot in front of the other that focuses the mind and brings clarity. One problem that may have overwhelmed you originally or another that seemed to have no specific solution will often be resolved during a walk. Do not dwell on the problem. Instead, start thinking and then let go! Your subconscious will continue to work, and later a solution will appear. Magic.

11 - The spiritual walk
Spiritual contemplation does not have to take place in a church or a temple. This weekend, take a stroll through the great cathedral that is all around you, the one you forget. Think about what makes you grateful, or give yourself a moment of spiritual note by dedicating it to a loved one or someone who is suffering.

12 - The "I'm not going anywhere quickly" walk
On dark days, go to the gym or your personal gym for a brisk walk on the treadmill. To avoid boredom, take a large map of your region or an exotic country. Then, after each workout, highlight the distance you have walked.

13 - The "parking" walk
Do you live far from work to get around on foot? So, occasionally, drive until you are one kilometer from your job, park the car and do the rest on foot. You'll do your exercise almost without realizing it, save gas and create a stress reliever for your work day.

14 - The "good sleep" walk
Many workers are regularly sleep deprived. In fact, due to stress and caffeine, many have become unable to get the hours of rest they need. Walking is one of the best ways to relax and get a good night's sleep. Plan a walk between 4 and 7 p.m. Your body temperature is higher then, your muscles are warmest, and you will have a lot to think about during the day. The resulting calm will help you get to your bed!

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